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My work with HBO focuses on building a parity of quality between exceptional HBO programming and the digital experiences HBO has crafted to make these stories accessible. Across the HBO Go / Now platforms, I've executed the design production of new features across thee full product lifecycle, sharpened my technical and implementation skills, and provided visualization solutions to help distill nebulous visions into executable pathways.
Today, I'm helping to build the foundations for the new Warner Media app, HBO Max.



  • Led the UX Design Production of HBO Features: Designed extensive wireframe decks that served as blueprints for behaviors, states, and workflows of new HBO Go/NOW features.

  • Advocate and Gatekeeper for User Experience Design solutions:
    Served as the advocate for end to end user experiences. Partnered with multidisciplinary colleagues and implementation teams to assess design decisions and feasibility of solutions. Communicated design intent
    of new features to technical and non-technical audiences.

  • Introduced New Design Resource to HBO Digital Products Team: Demonstrated a new method of displaying user workflows in connection with the UI design of new features. This method has been adopted within the design team as a new way to build consensus and envision new feature sets.

  • Visual Design and Branding: Build visual identities and UI components that followed the guidelines of the HBO Go/Now brand to ensure visual consistency.


Most of the work that I’m doing for HBO is still in the process of implementation and not yet available to display publicly. To access the case studies below, please get in touch with me for a password:


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